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Considerations When Choosing Your Local Bank As Your Merchant Account Processor

In business, How do you choose your vendors? This is a very important aspect of running your business because the right vendor will help you succeed, the wrong vendor will help you fail. When it comes to accept...

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John Wieland Founder Of John Weiland Homes tells how he did it

Here is a video that aired on Georgia Public Broadcasting featuring John Weiland, The Founder and Chairman of John Weiland Homes and Neighborhoods. A very successful Builder in the Southeast. He offers some gre...

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How To Chose A CMS to Build Your Website

You read the first article in this series,  How to build a website for your business Part 1. You have your domain name and you have your website host. Now what.

You need to choose what software program you will use to build your site, unless you want to hard code the site yourself.

Website software building programs are called CMS (Content management systems). I am a big proponent of open source software and the CMS market has tons of them. When choosing a CMS to build your website, determine how much time you are willing to spend building it, the purpose of your website, and how often you plan to update it.

Are you building a e-commerce site where you will sell things, will it be a blog that will be updated regularly, or will it be a static website that won’t change much.

At you can browse through, try and read reviews of most of the open source cms available today. Try the demo’s, she how the sites look that were built with those programs, and look at the backend configuration portion to see if it is something you are able to learn and use. All CMS programs have a learning curve. Some are steeper than others.

Personally, I have worked with:

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Credit Card Terminal Review: Hypercom Optimum T4210

Hypercom Optimum T4210 The Hypercom Optimum T4210 Credit card terminal is a part of Hypercom’s  new optimum credit card terminal line.  It is a small (3.6 in (w) x 8.1 in (l) x 2.3 in (h)) good looking cr...

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Know Your Customer Better Than They Know Themselves

As a small business owner, don’t neglect the marketing aspect of your business. You may think you can open your doors and people will start walking in or visiting your site and start spending money. Well ...

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Credit Card Terminal Review: Hypercom T7PT

When looking for a credit card terminal for your business, how do you know which one you should buy or lease. Think about it this way, a credit card terminal is a mini computer whose main job is to authorize an...

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Open Source Business Management-Customer Management

In this series, I will focus on specific open source software you can use to manage your customers. Let’s face it, we are currently in a pretty deep recession, or economic downturn (what ever you want to ...