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Focus on your cash flow to increase your business

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Electronic Payment Processing?


Want To Save Money on Your Electronic Payments?


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Why Electronic Payment Processing

Because the best way to increase your cash flow and avoid problems, is to break down any payment barriers you are putting up between you and your customers.

Give your customers the option to pay you with their credit cards, debit cards, E-Checks, Checking account, online, through your online story or for invoices you send.

Our proven and professional solutions for small business simplifies the process and headache of electronic payment processing in your business.

Who we help?

We work with small & mid-size businesses who want to increase their cash flow, simplify business operations, save money and grow their business.

Electronic Payment Processing Services

Clover POS System

Clover POS is a cloud based POS (Point of Sale) system to manage your business and free up your time for more important activities like increasing customer sales or spending time with your family and hobbies.

Timesheets, payroll, marketing, accounting. Clover handles all the stuff you don’t have time for, so you can focus on the stuff you got into business to do.

Credit Card Payment Services

Secure payment processing for your business. Your customers can pay you securely on any platform you choose.

Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Pin Debit Cards, Chip Cards (EMV), Tablet payments, android pay, apple pay, pay pal, checking account payments, electronic gift cards, and more.

ACH Electronic Payment Processing

You can receive payments from your customers, directly from your customer’s checking account.

This is great for Business to Business or Manufacturers,  or if you take recurring payments from your customers.

The cost is low, with a very low chance of chargeback. ACH electronic Payment processing is a great way to simplify your cash flow by automation.

Electronic Gift Cards For Your Business

Electronic gift cards and loyalty cards keeps your business on the minds of your customers. An electronic gift card is an advertisement for your business in your customer’s wallet. Every time a customer looks at your customized gift card, they remember you and many times, drives them to do business with you.

Electronic gift cards is also a great way tp gain additional customers. Someone gives a gift of your gift card and now you have a new customer and new sales.

Level 3 Processing

With banks issuing corporate debit and credit cards, and Governments using the GSA card for purchases, Manufacturers and Service providers can no longer ignore the need to accept payments the way your customers want to pay.

Speed up payments and increase your cash flow with the added benefit of lower cost than other electronic payments.

Electronic Payment Processing Pricing

We work with small & mid-size businesses who want to increase their cash flow, simplify their business operations and increase revenue.

Do you want to see your total cost of electronic payment processing so you can decide if our programs fit your bottom line?

Transparency is key to a great relationship. We value our customers and offer transparent pricing with no hidden fees!

Why Payment Transaction Systems?

Because we are a group of professionals and we are committed to helping you simplify your cash flow, and grow your revenue.


Founded in 1999, Payment Transaction Systems has the experience and expert service your business deserves.

Personal Service/advisors

You get VIP service as a valued client. We advise you on the best options and practices for your business to increase your revenue.


Electronic payment processing continually changes. We change with the industry without sacrificing our core values of expert advice and service.