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Introducing Clover Cloud POS 

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You must be compliant with Visa & MasterCard, Period.

As a restaurant owner/manager you know how important it is to be compliant.

You understand clearly how difficult it is to run a business and stay in compliance with all the different agencies you deal with.

Is your current POS System Compliant?

Then, when your POS software company, like Positouch or others,  who you pay to help take the burden off of running your business, starts giving you problems, you feel stuck.

To cover up their short commings, these POS system providers try to sell you even more insanely overpriced equipment to try and bandaid their old and failing system.

And guess what?

You still won’t be compliant with Visa/Mastercard.  That’s when you throw your hands up and say, "ENOUGH ALREADY!!!"

And you’re right.

Their equipment is old, complicated, and expensive!

Now you have a choice.
A New Way Forword.

The Clover POS restaurant management system is Tested & Proven to EASILY increase productivity, and reduce cost, while giving you your time back.

The business owner friendly POS System

  • Be Compliant with Visa Mastercard Regulations
  • Get Chip and Dip Technology integrated into EVERY device.
  • Get Integrated Fine Dining Software included
  • You Get Table and seating orders coordinated and identified
  • Waiter’s hand held devices links with the kitchen
  • Pay at the table option
  • Android Operating System. If your servers can use a phone, this will be easy for your staff to learn.
  • Only sets up in a matter of minutes
  • Works like magic
  • Saves money

How It Works


Easy To Learn. Easy To Use.

The Clover Cloud POS is the easiet POS system on the market today! The screens are intuitive and easy to learn. If you know how to use your cell phone, you can use the Clover Cloud POS System.


Customize To Your Restaurant

The Clover Cloud POS comes with an exclusive APP store, dedicated to Clover devices. You can customize your POS system with any of the many apps available. You can add accounting, drink recipies app, tables, payroll or any app you find on the app store that will benefit your restaurant.


Modern Quality Design

Built for speed and reliability inside and out. Clover Station was designed to be the customer-friendly point of sale that is ready to go right out of the box 

  • 14" high-definition touch screen display with swivel neck
  • WiFi and ethernet
  • Fingerprint login
  • Camera and barcode scanner built-in
  • Receipt printer
  • Connectivity hub: 4 USB 2.0 ports and 2 cash drawer ports

Amazing Ways To Customize Your Restaurant

Finally, EMV Chip Card Compliant Payments
…with Pay At The Table for your restaurant

Accept payments faster. Easier. Smarter.

Your Clover system accepts credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, and contactless payments. Use it as a complete POS or a standalone payment system.

Take every kind of payment from every kind of customer

EMV Chip Cards – Accept chip cards in seconds, with PIN entry and signatures for added security.

Swipe Cards – Accept credit and debit cards from all major credit card companies

Tap to Pay- Contactless Payments – Process transactions on your shop floor or on the go with mobile payment services including Apple Pay®, Google Pay®, and Samsung Pay®.

Accept – Checks and Cash

What Our Clients Say

Melissa is really friendly and helpful at finding the right options for card payments, to suit my restaurant. I got a really good deal with Payment Transaction Systems, through Melissa and love my Clover. My customers are impressed with it, its good-looking, easy to use and I can access data easily using either the Clover itself or  online.

Cathy – Roy’s Steakhouse
Vans Cardiff
Steve McMichaels

I am very impressed with the initial wow factor of the Clover device. This is the reason why I enquired about getting this into my business. Having met with Paul he brilliantly showcased the capability of the device and also the savings I would make compared to my old provider. The overall package was something I could not afford to miss. Since having the Clover device we have had a lot of positive feedback from our customers and I have been very impressed with the service it has offered. I feel like I have peace of mind that the service I bought is what is being delivered.

Daureen Hunter
Justin Williams

Can We Help You Get Compliant & Upgrade Your POS System?

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