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Social Media Facts: How Social Media Is Impacting Your Business | Campaign Monitor

Do you agree that social media can be a useful medium for small business success? ____________________________   Some small business owners and marketers view social media marketing as the lifeblood of sma...

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Seven Ways to Save Money at Your Bank – Nevada Small Business

Use the bank wisely for your benefit, no matter how small the interest rates can be, there are ways to maximize the advantages! _____________________________ Choosing the right bank for your business involves m...

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Business Fraud Prevention Tips – Nevada Small Business

Don’t fall victim to fraud… Read this to learn more about their modus, and prevent it from happening to you. _______________________________   Business Fraud Prevention Tips At Nevada State Ban...

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6 Ways to Improve the Performance of Your Small Business | SmallBizClub

BOOST your business’ performance NOW! _________________________   As a small business, you will always benefit from improving your operations, and there are a number of things that you can do to rema...

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3 Alarming Consequences of Workplace Accidents and How to Safeguard Your Small Business | SmallBizClub

Every small business employers should know about this… _________________________________ When it comes to workplace safety, many small businesses forgo considering safety as a priority in their business i...

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5 Easy Ways to ‘Green’ Your Small Business

Go Green! Even your small business can contribute to saving Mother Earth. ___________________________ With new reports coming in regularly about the negative impact humans are having on the environment, there i...

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13 Real Estate Influencers Who Built a Business on Social Media

This is how strong social media influence is. ___________________________ Social media presents a wealth of opportunities for real estate agents. You can use Facebook, YouTube and other platforms to market list...

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Small Business Guide to Employee Benefits & Perks

Some useful tips for small business employers to remember. ____________________________________ Small, growing businesses need to think about how to attract and retain employees. While traditional benefits pack...

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Small Business Loans for Women

Need help to jumpstart your small business? Read this one! It’s very helpful! __________________________ Whether you already have your own business or you are dreaming of it, there is very often something...

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How to Overcome 5 Common Small Business Challenges

You may have encountered some of these common problems, or you may encounter them soon. Be prepared and know what to do best when that time comes. __________________________________   Image credit: Monkey ...