As a local ice cream shop serving the some of the best Gelato’s available outside of Italy, DiMarco’s was looking to increase their brand awareness and sales.

DiMarco's Gelato
Electronic Gift Cards, Merchant Account
DiMarco's Gelato


DiMarco Gelato understood that electronic gift cards were gaining popularity with consumers. However, the company needed a partner to help them launch a centralized and easily managed gift card solution. Ideally, this partner would handle gift card production, inventory management. In addition, they wanted a partner that could help grow its brand visibility.

Transition from an inefficient and highly fraudulent, paper-based gift card program to an electronic gift card system. The owner of DiMarco’s Gelato wanted to start offering their customers electronic gift cards as an option to their customers instead of the paper based gift cards that were hard to track.


Payment Transaction Systems Premium Gift Card Solution, including Card Production, Inventory Management and Fulfillment.

Payment Transaction Systems helped design the cards, produce and trained all staff on how to issue and redeem the new electronic gift card system.


“One of the great benefits of the gift card program is that our logo is in front of people even when they are not within the four walls of our stores. Anytime a company can stay top-of-mind with its customers it is a great thing,”

DiMarco’s Gelato has increased sales due to their electronic gift card program. Gift cards bring new customers into DiMarco’s  stores and gift card customers typically spend more than their gift card value. Today, DiMarco’s Gelato sees 5% of its overall sales from gift cards.

The electronic gift card program eliminated the need  to print, inventory, manage, pack, ship and track paper gift certificate orders.