Transition to Clover Flex helps satisfy legal requirements of rentals

The Challenge

A canoe rental company in Tennesse wanted a way to streamline their canoe rentals. They wanted to be able to offer their customers the option to sign the legal rental disclosure electronically that could be sent to the customers before they arrived. They also wanted the option for customers to book a service on their website.

The Solution

The clover Flex was the option that best helped them. Small in size,  the Clover Flex is built to do business wherever you are. Easy to take with you and easy to hand to customers- they can dip, swipe, tap, enter a pin and sign, whether in line, in the aisle, or at the table. And its built-in receipt printer and scanner ensures Clover Flex delivers the ultimate in flexibility.

With the Clover Flex, the canoe rental company was able to accept payments from their customers in store and out at their different launching locations. In addition, with the Clover POS system infrastructure, they were able to choose from different apps that they needed to increase their cash flow and manage their business.

Apps like:

Release, Waiver, Compliance App This app allows your customers to view and sign documents directly on your Clover device, and you instantly receive a signed copy with all images to your email. Integrated into checkout process, or can be launched anytime as a standalone app.

Appointment Pro – Appointments Pro app helps you to manage customer appointments for your business

POS System App – This app handles services, customer tracking and the acceptance of all payment types from one machine.

The Business Results

The canoe rental company was able to streamline their operations and speed up their cash flow. Clover POS made it easy for their customers to complete their legal requirements and provided detailed reports. This freed up time for the small business owners who were then able to start focusing on advertising and business acquisition activities.