Sporting Goods Store doubles revenue in 6 months with ecommerce store

The Challenge

A sporting goods supply store that has served their neighborhood schools and teams for over 23 years wanted a way to offer their catalog online. They came to Payment Transaction Systems for a solution for them to be able to sell their products online.

The Solution

Together with the sporting goods store, we developed a plan to bring their catalog online. We helped them develop an ecommerce website with all of their products listed and available. We optimized the online store so it can be found online through LOCAL GOOGLE SEO and integrated the payment gateway for credit card processing so they could get paid from their customers.

The Business Results

The sporting goods store was able to double their overall sales and revenue within 8 months through our help. Now, sporting teams from as far away as 80 miles away were ordering their uniforms and supplies. An, added benefit that surprised the sporting goods, was local governments who ordered supplies for their teams also became customers.