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 Business To Business Electronic Transactions


A Business to Business transaction occurs when a business sells to another business. For example, a business to business transaction occurs when a manufacturer sells to a retailer. Usually, the retailer would pay the wholesaler on net (net 15, net 30, net 60, etc) terms. Payments to the Wholesaler would be delayed up to 90 days. With a B2B merchant account with Payment Transaction Systems, a wholesaler/manufacturer will receive payment within 24 to 48 hours. Transactions are approved immediately, so you can ship and/or deliver your goods without worry.


  Why Is A Specialized B2B Merchant Account Needed?


Most business bank accounts are issued a corporate debit card or corporate credit card. The classification of these credit/debit cards are issued from very small businesses to large multi-national corporations. The cost (interchange rate) to accept these transactions are different and higher than the cost (interchange) of consumer based cards. Therefore, in order take advantage of a credit card payments without paying upwards of 5% of the transaction, a B2B specific merchant account would need to be opened.

One business selling to another using a Purchasing, Corporate, or Business Card is the fastest growing type of transaction. At Payment Transaction Systems a Level 3 Merchant Account will access Interchange pricing qualifications, allowing your business to lower your cost of processing Visa and MasterCard transactions. This transaction type is often invoiced, or a purchase order may be generated.

Things To Consider

Risk – Payment Transaction Systems have tools to help you mitigate fraud, chargebacks and overall risk to better serve and protect your business.
Technology-Credit Card Terminal Transactions Do Not Have Access To Level 3 Processing Or Pricing Ever!  Level 3 Processing is available on Payment Transaction Systems software. This software can be provided via E-Mail, and operated on any computer with internet access. Simply enter prompts for customer code and tax amounts, in addition to the standard payment information, and Payment Transaction Systems software will route your transaction through our compliant system, that collects and submits the proper information through Interchange.Contact Us Today For our Software Demo.

Rates & Fees– A Level 3 Processing type must be executed, to take advantage of the best pricing available. Without access to the Level 3 Processing platform this card transaction type will be overly expensive.


When you choose Payment Transaction Systems, your business will have the best customer service available in the industry. Payment Transaction Systems Award Winning liason Program will assign a liaison representative to your business. Imagine having one person responsible for your companies’ electronic fiduciary account. No longer will you experience the frustration of having to wait on hold, then explain your issue to a representative, then having to re-explain the same issue to a new representative each time you call.

Payment Transaction Systems “boutique” B2B service program will:

  • Eliminate frustration
  • Save time/Money
  • Provide accurate & timely solutions to any issues you present for our attention.

We are the best company for your B2B Merchant Account. Get started Now!


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